Transition 2021

The transition from primary to secondary school is one which is very exciting but also one which can cause a great deal of anxiety for students and parents/carers alike. The transition process is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that all our year 7 students have a ‘Flying Start’ when they join us in September.

Our transition programme is one which we are extremely proud of and has many elements to ensure that our year 6 families feel part of the JFCS family right from the National Offer Day in March. Upon receiving your offer of a place at our wonderful school, you will receive a Welcome to JFCS letter outlining the transition programme. Over the coming months we will contact you with activities for the students and yourselves to complete to ensure we get to know you ready for our three-day induction programme. This takes place in school in the last week of June and enables our students to follow a typical school timetable where they sample all subjects across the school. This gives them an opportunity to familiarises themselves with the school layout as well as meet teaching staff. Students will be assigned their prospective form groups prior to this and so will meet both their form tutors and form groups during this induction programme. In addition, we host a parent/carers evening during this time to enable introductions to form tutors, as well an opportunity to raise concerns or queries, and purchase essential uniform items. We also carry out extensive work liaising with our primary schools to ensure that we have a full picture of your child’s needs prior to these induction days. Occasionally there are some students who need an additional session in school prior to the full three-day induction period and so our vulnerable transition ensures that these students also feel supported in their transition.

Please do make use of the links to all the important documents you may need to ensure a smooth worry free transition. These documents will be available to download as they are issued throughout the transition process.