Bullying Report

Statement of Intent

At John Flamsteed Community School, we believe that bullying is not an acceptable way of behaving and it prevents those affected from taking advantage of social and educational opportunities offered by the school, or from functioning effectively in their role/job.

Bullying behaviour is:

  • Generally persistent
  • Deliberately hostile
  • Involves an imbalance of power
  • Causes distress to one or more individuals

It includes:

  • Invading privacy
  • Actual violence
  • Threats of violence – verbal or non-verbal
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Sneering and sarcasm – comments intended to put people down
  • Teasing and / or name calling, making jokes at someone’s expense
  • Written abuse or graffiti
  • Ignoring, excluding someone in order to hurt their feelings
  • Interfering with property, workspace and borrowing without permission
  • Derogatory comments about religious beliefs
  • Racially offensive remarks or behaviour*
  • Sexually offensive remarks or behaviour
  • Wearing racist / sexist badges / slogans
  • Demanding money / goods / favours through intimidation / force
  • Purposely forgetting to repay a loan
  • Writing nasty comments on websites walls

* Towards or about anyone from a different culture, ethnic group, place of origin, place of residence.

Overall it acts to intimidate, humiliate, ridicule and / or undermine the confidence of the person(s) being bullied.

At John Flamsteed Community School we will not tolerate this so if you see this happening or it is happening to you, tell someone.

  • Your Form Tutor,
  • Your Head of Year,
  • A teacher,
  • Student Support Services,
  • An adult that you trust,
  • The Anti Bullying Coordinator, Mrs Barlow by clicking here.