School Aims


John Flamsteed Community School seeks to provide a caring atmosphere based on encouragement, guidance and a sense of belonging, in which the needs of the individual student can come first and be supported by good working relationships between staff, students, parents and the community.


To develop and maintain a safe, attractive and stimulating school environment, so that students may appreciate their immediate surroundings and show a positive concern for a wide range of local, national and international environmental issues.

Personal Conduct

To encourage high standards of personal conduct, pride in appearance and performance and a strong sense of self-discipline based on good working relationships, both in and out of the classroom.


To help students to acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs including a respect for, and understanding of, other people's religious, cultural and moral values and ways of life.


To offer students both variety and continuity of experience in order to stimulate learning in the classroom, through visits and fieldwork and by means of additional activities and opportunities which will make students more aware, adaptable, confident, resourceful and self-motivated.


To assist students in acquiring knowledge, this will relate directly to students' own lives within a pluralist and complex society. To enable them to appreciate human achievements and to understand social, economic and political order.


To foster good work habits in students and to enable them to gain both the basic skills of numeracy and literacy and more advanced skills such as analysis, evaluation, interpretation, decision-making and communication in order that they are as fully prepared as possible for adult life.

The Future

To prepare students for the future so that they are able to develop self-awareness, a sense of self-respect and the capacity to live full lives as independent, self-motivated adults with the will to contribute to the welfare of others and to society.