University of Nottingham

John Flamsteed Community School is proud to be supporting 11 students through the ‘Ambition Nottingham’ programme run by the University of Nottingham. Through the scheme we hope to work alongside the University of Nottingham to provide information, advice and guidance to ensure that students are making informed decisions when choosing future options and to support them in their current studies.

Students are enrolled in Year 7 and will continue to be a member of Ambition Nottingham until the end of Year 11. Students will attend University with the school once a year during school time as well as other sessions in-school and at evenings and weekends. Students can then choose to enrol on to the Ambition Nottingham Post-16 scheme afterwards, if they wish.

The Trent Building

All sessions are designed to support the students through their current studies and give them an insight into higher education. The activities range from taster academic sessions, sessions on student life, information on choosing options to curriculum based revision sessions. The activities for each year group focus on different themes:

  • Year 7 - What is University?
  • Year 8 - Key stage 3 options
  • Year 9 - The other side of university (SU/extra-curricular activities, accommodation)
  • Year 10 - Academic taster sessions and post-16 options
  • Year 11 - Revision and post-18 options

The top five benefits of taking part in the scheme are:

  1. Exclusive access to a university – students will be able to see first-hand what a university looks like, the facilities we have and take part in activities onsite.
  2. Additional support and guidance – gaining support from university professionals and online revision support will help students in their decision making.
  3. Making well informed decisions – by giving students an opportunity to explore their options, they will be able to make better decisions to support their future plans.
  4. Interacting with real students – meeting current university students and being able to talk to them about their experiences will give greater first-hand insight.
  5. Meeting new people – from students at other schools to university academics, by interacting with new people your child will be able to develop their communications skills.