Post 16

It’s your choice

By Year 11, you’ve reached the next stage of your educational journey and it’s time to decide what to do next. Education and training are vital to your future success. The number of jobs for poorly qualified, unskilled people is shrinking quickly. You need knowledge, skills and qualifications if you want to get on in life and this means continuing your education or training.

The choices Post 16 are:

  • Continuing to study at a Sixth Form
  • Continuing to study at a College of Further Education
  • Applying for an Apprenticeship – or a similar work-based learning programme
  • Applying for a position within the Forces
  • Entering the labour market – although some form of continued training must be attached to the offer of employment
  • T- Levels (Technical qualifications) were launched in 2020. A T-Level will be equivalent to three A-Levels.

All Year 11 students will be provided with an opportunity to attend a careers meeting, to discuss their options and ideas. This will usually be with our contracted professional careers adviser Ms Oakley. Make the most of the help on offer – in SMSC lessons as well as family, friends, your tutor, subject teachers and through the National Careers Service at:

You can also find some great tips and advice on the pathways available to you (including the application process) within the documents attached to this page.

Glossary of some useful acronyms:

A Level Advanced Level – two-year course (Year 12/Y13)
BTEC Business & Technology Education Council
CEIAG Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance
DfE Department for Education
FE Further Education
GCSE General Certificate of Education
HE Higher Education
WRL Work Related Learning

For further information about your options at Post 16, please contact Miss Sherriff