John Flamsteed Community School aims to encourage and celebrate the success of all its students in all areas of school life to be #nothingshortofremarkable.   

We believe it is important to ensure that personal commitment and achievement is acknowledged, rewarded and recorded. Furthermore, we advocate the importance of praise and reward and seek to promote and reinforce our expectations of students at any given and relevant opportunity.    

Students thrive on praise, the thrill of success and the glow of recognition. Praise rewards the deserving, can inspire those who may be find some aspects of school life challenging, and can inspire and motivate those who may be disenchanted. Finding ways to reward should be at the heart of our teaching.   

We believe that rewarding good behaviour enables students to realise that desirable behaviour, self-discipline and responsibility to themselves and others is highly valued in our school community.    

Teachers use our SIMS system to acknowledge students who are AMBITIOUS, COMMITTED and PROUD related to all aspects of school life whether that be in lessons, around the school site, or representing John Flamsteed Community School in the local community, the district, Derbyshire or nationally. 

There are a variety of chronologies where our students are acknowledged for demonstrating “The JF Way”: 

Daily, via Achievement Points awarded to students for their conduct in lessons.  

Weekly, via Head of Year assemblies.  

Half-termly, where the best performing Tutor Group is rewarded with “Hot Chocolate Registration” with their Form Tutor and Head of Year and a Senior Leadership Team representative.  

Termly, via each Year Group’s Rewards Assembly which celebrates top individual Achievement Points scorers and, again, the best performing Tutor Group based on points earned. “Fab Four” bespoke trophies are presented to this group of elite students and the highest performing Tutor Group. Furthermore, those students who have attended regularly (including 100% attenders) are also acknowledged. 

On a curriculum level, Heads of Department nominate one student from each Year Group who is the recipient of a subject award for continued and consistent application to learning in their lessons. 

The conclusion of an academic year is rounded off with our summer Celebration Evening. This is a formal event where the students who have shone from September to July are invited to a formal event with their parents/carers to celebrate their performance in school. This ends the school year on a high and offers each child the chance to be proud of their achievement(s) before their summer holiday. 

Other ways achievement is acknowledged and celebrated: 

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Certificates dependent on Achievements Points awarded
  • Postcards home
  • Fast-track Dining Room passes
  • Positive ‘phone calls home
  • Displaying work around school
  • Extra-curricular awards
  • Headteacher’s Golden Ticket