Student Leadership

Student Leadership 

The student leaders at John Flamsteed Community School are always striving to help others become #nothingshortofremarkable.

Our Student Leadership Team is comprised of Prefects and Learning Ambassadors.

The Role of Head Prefects at JFCS

Senior students at JFCS apply for the roles of Prefects and Learning Ambassadors and a select few believe they have what it takes to become one of five Head Prefects, which is included in their letter of application.
These students are invited to attend a formal interview for the role where they talk about their personal attributes and what they believe they could offer as a Head Prefect.
Their role is very much the senior student face of JFCS and they have responsibility for overseeing the duties of a Prefect. This involves the following:
  • Deploying groups of students to supervise areas and rooms on the school campus at break and lunchtime.
  • Hosting meetings with their peer Prefects and other groups of students so that our school can facilitate a student voice which we believe is crucial to the running of the school.
  • Assisting at after school events such as Parents’ Evenings, Open Evenings, Study Sessions, etc.
  • Showing visitors around school and conducting tours with prospective employees and students thinking of joining JFCS
  • Sitting and leading on a student panel for a number of reasons. E.G. Job interviews, Student Voice, Student Forums, etc.
  • Compile, design and present assemblies to be delivered to all Year Groups.
Qualities we would expect of these students:
  • Self-confidence and belief
  • High communication skills
  • Excellent ambassadors of the school
  • Exemplary standards of dress, attendance and punctuality
  • Role models to other students both younger and within their own Year Group
  • High levels of trust and loyalty
  • Ambitious, Committed and Proud of their school and their role within it


Our Prefects are key to helping the Senior Leadership Team with the operational running of the school. They may take on roles such as:

  • Leading tours of the school for visitors
  • Supporting after school events, such as Open Evenings and Parents’ Evenings
  • Coordinating the entry of other students into the canteen at breaktime and lunchtime
  • Maintaining our high standards for behaviour

Learning Ambassadors

Our Learning Ambassadors are committed to supporting Teaching and Learning within the school and may take on roles such as:

  • Being a reading buddy to support our developing readers
  • Attending Homework Club to support any students who need assistance during lunchtime provision
  • Producing and delivering assemblies
  • Producing displays and promotional material
  • Assisting with the running of lunchtime clubs with members of staff