Parents and Carers Evening

We use an online booking system for our Parent/Carer Evening appointments. Parents/Carers will receive a letter advising when the online system will open and close for the relevant Parent/Carer Evening.

Please use the link below to book your appointments, however, please be aware that the system operates on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to attend, we would be grateful if you could logon and indicate this.

​​​Please logon to

​Please, find below, a step-by-step guide on how to book your appointments.

Parents Evening Booking System Guide

If you have any queries regarding Parent/Carer Evenings or you are having difficulties in logging on to book appointments, please contact the school office.


Parent/Carer Evenings

Year 7

7J, 7F, 7C – Tuesday 11th June 2024

7S, 7A, 7R – Wednesday 19th June 2024

Year 8

8J, 8F, 8C – Tuesday 12th March 2024

8S, 8A, 8R – Wednesday 20th March 2024

Year 9

9J, 9F, 9C – Thursday 1st February 2024

9S, 9A, 9R – Wednesday 7th February 2024

Year 10

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Year 11

Thursday 23rd November 2023

Monday 25th March 2024 (date changed from Thursday 28th March 2024)