Teaching and Learning

At John Flamsteed Community School we aspire for students’ classroom experience to be nothing short of remarkable; we hold Teaching and Learning at the heart of everything we do. We are ambitious in our expectations of students, committed to their success and proud of their achievements in the classroom. Our classroom practice is founded on three key principles: challenge, pace and response.

We are ambitious in our expectations of students; lessons are pitched to the top with support offered to individuals through modelling, scaffolding and differentiation, ensuring high challenge for all students. Our skilled teachers incorporate further challenge in lessons through deep and probing questions, encouraging a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

We are committed to maintaining the pace of learning; we recognise that student engagement in and enjoyment of learning contributes to their success. Furthermore, through the delivery of a coherently sequenced curriculum, students revisit learning throughout the Key Stages. This interleaving of content, coupled with implementing tried and tested practice and retrieval strategies ensures students embed learning into long term memory and encourages fluency in learning.

We are proud of the regular, high-quality feedback we offer to our students that enables us to identify misconceptions and errors. We support students to overcome their individual learning barriers to make further progress by affording time to respond to personalised feedback, driving learning further forward.

Through these challenging and pacey lessons where students are expected to actively respond to regular feedback from experts in the field, students have every opportunity to make great progress across the broad range of subjects they study. In turn, we inspire students at John Flamsteed Community School to set ambitious goals for their futures, show a commitment to hard work and therefore be proud of their achievements.