“We’ve Got You Covered!”

The Library at John Flamsteed Community School is a hub for learning resources including a vast selection of books, computers/laptops, iPads, study guides, magazines and newspapers.  All Year 7 and 8 students have a fortnightly library lesson which encourages them to get the most from their reading and, most importantly, to enjoy it and become lifelong readers.

Students can download the online app Access-It in order to enjoy thousands of eBooks and audiobooks and our friendly librarian is always happy to assist students who need a little help with their reading or their choices.

A number of book clubs are available during lunch breaks and students are given a dedicated space should they wish to set up their own groups. Our Year 10 and 11 Learning Ambassadors assist younger students with their reading during registration and there is a dedicated reading programme for students who need additional help.

Because we want our year 7s to be readers that are #nothingshortofremarkable, they are all given the opportunity to order a brand new book – from a selection – when we run the Bookbuzz initiative.

At JFCS, we want to be sure that everybody is covered with regards to their reading choices and opportunities. This is why we are passionate about providing diverse reading material for all groups within the school. The “We’ve Got you Covered” advisory group makes sure that we get it right!